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What is Insights Discovering Team Effectiveness?

Discovering Team Effectiveness is a training workshop to raise each person’s self-awareness, and awareness of others to enable them to further increase their effectiveness at work through better teamwork, communication, influence, problem solving, and mutual understanding. The workshop will be fast paced, fun, and requires a high degree of participation.

Discovering Team Effectiveness enables teams to quickly improve results and sustain effectiveness over the long term by increasing your team’s competence in skills such as leadership, communication and relationship building.

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Discovering Team Effectiveness Will:

  • Identify your team’s strengths and challenges

  • Create space for open and honest dialogue within the team

  • Provide communication strategies for each individual on the team

  • Improve rapport, relationships, and productivity of the team

  • Acknowledge the value each member brings to the team by recognizing individual contributions

  • Draw on the strengths of the team

  • Introduce a model that provides a practical framework to address current and future issues

  • Commit to action focused on building a higher performing team

  • Overcome obstacle’s that holds your team back

  • Help your team reach its full potential

Insights Discovering Team Effectiveness Workshop Overview

The workshop utilizes an analysis of each participant's Insights® Discovery Personal Profile, which is generated from the results of a 25-question quick online questionnaire completed in advance of the workshop.

The workshop draws on each team member’s Personal Profile to examine:

·       The culture of your team
·       Values or attributes each member brings to the team
·       Communication preferences
·       The ideal environment for each member

The emphasis throughout will be on learning tools which can be applied immediately. The full day workshop can fit into your People Development Plan as either the next step after the Insights® Discovery workshop, or as a first step for intact teams.

Additional workshops are available to support learning and development across a range of areas.

We will customize and provide this workshop to suit your organizational needs.

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