Why "3 Green Lights"?

A popular aviation phrase “3 Green Lights” refers to the instrument panel of lights.  When a pilot sees “3 Green Lights”, it indicates that all three landing gears are down and locked, and the pilot is safe to go ahead with landing.  Without those 3 Green Lights, the pilot is stuck in one place and absolutely cannot move forward.  As your coach, Diane will ensure that you have the 3 Green Lights required to enable you to get moving, fly to new heights, and land safely on your self-development journey.

3 Green Lights Diane Bourret.jpg

"My name is Diane Bourret, and over the last few years I completed the CoActive Coaching Program and received my certification, which consisted of 100 hours of coaching paid hours and a 6-month intensive training program, followed by a written and oral examination. Once that was completed, I received my International Coaching Federation credentials. I am a Human Resources Professional of 12 years with a passion for recruitment, and I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time coach to help others achieve their full potential.


Our world is very demanding, and over time, most of us end up in self-limiting situations that lock up our potential. We set goals and we work very hard towards achieving those goals, but we just can’t seem to get there. This often results in feeling like we’re stuck in one place, and unable to move forward. We can become unhappy with the quality of our lives, and frustrated by the fact that we can’t seem to attain our goals. If you feel those frustrations, I can empower you to get moving again through proven and effective Coaching processes."